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Specialty engraver of unique products since 2006

Welcome Contractors

We can make a wide variety of tags and labels.  We work for HVAC, plumbers, and electricians.  The indoor/outdoor plastic colors are shown on the Shop page.  

  We include beaded chain with connectors, double sticky tape, or holes for pop rivets for a variety of ways you attach your tags.

Below are examples of some products we have typically been providing.  If you have other items you need for your projects, please let me know.  I would love to see what you are doing in your area.

Examples of some of our products

Information Signs


 An example of a 6" X 8" information or equipment tag.  This one has 4 holes drilled for the customer to mount it.



Typical 1" X 3" tag for a roof top unit with holes for pop rivets.

Name Tags


We can supply a variety of name tags for different industries.

Plumbing Valve Tag


Example of a valve tag, complete with stainless steel beaded chain and connector.

1- 1/2" Brass Valve Tag


Beautiful & durable.  These brass valve tags are oxidized after engraving to turn the letters black to read quicker and easier.

Specialty Signs


An example of a 4" X 8" sign for a hospital remodel one of our customers was doing. 

How to order

Additional Information

I have included some common sizes in the order page of this site.  We can, of course, make them to your specifications.  Just let us know what you need!  If you have a few tags or labels to order, please use this web site.  Send us an email if you have a lot of tags to order, like 50 - 100 or more.  We'll make them up and include an invoice with your shipment.  Please include all of your information like your PO number, job name if you need it, etc., and how soon you need them.  We want to make sure you have everything to finish you project in time.

Make sure you include the specific size of label, any specific sizes of letters or special fonts if any.  Multiple sizes, colors and types can be included  in the same order.

We are here to help your job easier,  let us know how we can.